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LED remote excitation light conversion products  

    LED remote excitation light conversion products aredeveloped by Dalian LuminglightCo.,Ltd. with the intellectual property rights. Because of many effective research works on white LED phosphor, we make remote excitation polymer light conversion module and film by especial process that combined LED phosphor and high-performance organic silicon rubber, the products are with excellent anti-aging properties.  The products can be made in many kinds of tree-dimensional shapes, they can be used on LED surface or sphere light excited by LED blue and red light source.

    White and multicolor LED line and plane light source can been used widely on lighting, which are made by combining polymer light conversion products with LED luminescent material and multiple pieces arrangement of blue chip,so as to effectively solve excitation wavelength shift, quantum efficiency decline and aging of light conversion materials caused by semiconductor chip fever, rate of light, color temperature, color and consistency of the light emitting device with white surface light source can been improved effectively, increasing the light-emitting area, angle and uniformity we can avoid glare effectively. The LED lighting can been widely used in indoor lighting and decorative lighting, making light color uniformity, color range, display and purity increased sharply, and the glare question of traditional lighting is fundamentally improved. Remote excitation polymer module broke the traditional LED packaging.

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